Taking Care of the Aging Skin in Autumn

Taking Care of the Aging Skin in Autumn

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Cold autumn weather is not your skin's best friend. That is why you should consider the negative factors inherent in the autumn time and correctly plan skincare in this challenging period. We will show you how to take care of aging skin.

It is also worth remembering that the sun can also actively affect our skin in September - advises the dermatologist of Instaskincare.

Forms of Adnexitis

In addition to ultraviolet radiation, the skin of the face is exposed to high humidity, cold wind, sharp temperature changes, and a lack of vitamins, for example, vitamin D and other elements. So, if we want to preserve the freshness of the face, it is necessary to compensate for the effects of the listed factors and provide the skin with what it especially needs.

Autumn facial skincare

It's essential to keep grooming your skin. It's no secret that the autumn period with its dull weather can take away any desire to take care of yourself properly.

However, cosmetologists recommend not to forget about regular care, which is a guarantee against encountering more severe problems. It is much better to spend a little time taking care of your skin every day than to spend a lot of money and time restoring your aging skin after missing care.

Fall Skincare for Aging Face

Sun Protection

As we have already said, September (the first month of autumn) often pampers us with the same active sun as in summer. The need for sunscreens should not be underestimated during this period. They must be applied regularly before leaving home.


Of course, the power of the sun's rays in the fall is gradually losing ground, but your skin will be immensely grateful to you if you do not forget to moisturize. This need is due to the adverse effects of the wind, as it becomes more and more piercing and cold. If you forget about its hydration, its protective functions will weaken, the skin will not maintain its attractiveness and health.

Moisturizing the skin should be carried out with the help of regular application of the cream, other cosmetic procedures, and also do not forget about the use of the required amount of fluid - the body as a whole and the skin, in particular, needs water not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Dermatologists also recommend wiping your face with wet wipes throughout the day. A room humidifier will also not harm because, in the cold season, heating devices turn the air in the room into a dehydrated one.


Cold autumn days are when the skin has a hard time, and it especially needs vitamins and nutrients. They are required in sufficient quantities, and they can be obtained, for example, through food (vegetables, various fruits, vegetable oils) or from the outside.

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It is pretty important not to forget about vitamins E and A. As cosmetologists say, they can be used in their pure form, for example, applied to the face at night or added to face creams. Applying a nourishing cream to your face at night is a daily necessity.


The walls of blood vessels in autumn are as weak as never before due to changes in temperature at home and outside. Dermatologists advise consuming more products that promote the production of elastin, use cosmetics with collagen.


Daily cleansing is necessary for the skin as well as in the summer months. When washing your face, use products that do not dry out the skin. It is enough to use deep cleansing means (scrubs, etc.) once a week.

These are just general tips for keeping your skin healthy in the fall. Suppose you need a more detailed consultation on skincare or there are complaints about her health. In that case, our medical center offers to sign up for a consultation with a cosmetologist and dermatologist.


You just read about some of the best ways to improve your autumn skincare regimen. So, what are you waiting for? Give these squats a try and see how they help fade those pesky dark spots on your face.

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