Instaskincare VITAMIN C SERUM FOR FACE 2oz

Instaskincare VITAMIN C SERUM FOR FACE 2oz

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  • - Protected skin from sun and pollution
  • - Increases collagen production in cells
  • - Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • - Healed and balanced skin


  • What is Vitamin C serum?

Vitamin C Serum is the best potent antioxidant for the skin that is easy to add to any skincare routine. It is perfectly compatible with other skincare products, so there is no  need to worry about mixing them wrong.

Complimentary, applying Vitamin С in the morning provides the skin with extra protection from negative exposures during the day. It absorbs quickly into the skin.

Vitamin C Serum is perfect protection from sun and x-rays that damage the skin. Apply it with SPF 35 for better protection.

  • How to use Vitamin C serum

Apply a small amount of product in the morning to protect skin from makeup, the sun, and pollution. At night use Vitamin C serum as an antioxidant that takes care of the skin.


  • When to use Vitamin C serum

Help the skin be protected from sun damaging, sagging, prevent hyperpigmentation, and make it  look better, use Vitamin C Serum in the morning after cleansing the skin before moisturizer.


  • When to expect results from using Vitamin C serum for face 

Notice visible results within two weeks or a month since the start of applying Vitamin C serum for face. It is a long process of revitalizing for the skin, so be patient and go on.

water, butylene glycol, polysorbate 20, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, phenoxyethanol, sodium, hyaluronate, tocopheryl, acetate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice