Skincare Summer Remedies of 2021

Skincare Summer Remedies of 2021

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Summer is the time we all want to spend in the sun: winter tiredness and lack of positive emotions push us to spend as much time under the sun. That is why we have prepared some skincare summer remedies on how to behave in summer to keep your skin healthy.

Don’t Forget About Daily Skincare Routine

Summer is not the reason to stop applying a daily skincare routine. It is the reason to make it more sophisticated. Want to prevent hyperpigmentation? Apply the Niacinamide B3 Vitamin twice a day for skin-restoring to improve enlarged pores, fine lines, and dull skin. The product is an essential nutrient for your skin, especially during the summer.

Use Sunscreen

It is a big mistake to save sunscreen, making do with a subtle minimum (especially if it is expensive). However, its excess does not guarantee happiness either. You will need a particular amount of funds for reliable protection ─ a ball the size of a five-ruble coin. Apply it twenty before going out into the sun. The chemical filter in its composition has time to “turn on,” and the cream starts to work skincare summer remedies.

Read the Composition Before Applying Anything

Ignorance of the markings on the packaging does not exempt from liability. In any case, choose broad-spectrum sunscreens that promise UVB and UVA protection (abbreviations should be indicated on the packaging). Each season pleases us with new cosmetic novelties. New products appeared that could be applied directly to damp skin, and this summer, there were many new products with a matting effect.

Always Protect Yourself

Cloudy days in summer are not a reason to do without a day cream with SPF. Moreover, in such weather, the rays of the A spectrum are hazardous, causing severe diseases and skin aging.

Ask Your Doctor

High blood pressure medications, hormonal birth control pills, and antibiotics increase the sensitivity of tissues to the sun. If you go to hot regions but continue to take medications, be sure to choose products with the highest SPF (at least 30).

Soothe Your Skin

Sometimes in the sun, the face becomes covered with red spots. It is not so much a burn as microinflammation ─ a specific reaction to ultraviolet light ─ which is relatively easy to remove. It is enough to take a capsule of evening primrose oil, pierce it and apply the contents to clean skin overnight. Thanks to the high content of essential gamma-linolenic acid, which restores the water barrier and reduces redness, there will be no trace of annoying problems in the morning.

Use Thermal Water

Sprinkle thermal water not only on your face but also on your body: it will make the most potent thermoregulator - your skin - work in full force. It works in the following way: part of the liquid is absorbed instantly and lowers the blood temperature in the moist area. The mineral fountain is best directed at the heart rate areas: neck, inner knees, dorsum of the wrists.

Always Treat Burns

If you do burn out, your skin needs urgent help. First of all, cool the burned area: take a cool shower or apply a wet, cold compress (avoid ice, which can only exacerbate skin damage). Then the burn site can be treated with a regenerating and healing agent, which accelerates the process of skin regeneration and restores its protective barrier, soothes, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and prevents the development of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These products usually contain panthenol and thermal water. Do not use ointments and powders, as the temperature of the burned tissue decreases much more slowly under them. Also, do not lubricate the burn with cologne or alcohol - this can cause painful shock.

Forget About Peeling

Soon after the skin has calmed down, the peeling phase will begin. Trying to help her with exfoliation is the worst thing you can do in this situation. You will have to endure, no matter how unaesthetic the appearance, and let it all take its course: let the scales exfoliate naturally. At the same time, you concentrate on keeping the skin well hydrated with products containing ceramides.

Wrap Up

There are thousands of ways to keep your skin perfect during the summertime. Following this advice, you can get a significant improvement in your skin quality. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to use SFP and moisturize!

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