Killer Workout With Resistance Band

Killer Workout With Resistance Band

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Resistance bands are a great way to build muscle and increase strength, but they can be inconvenient if you don't have access to the gym. Using resistance band exercises increases all muscles' workload, which will help improve your metabolism as well.

Resistance bands are an excellent way for beginners to build strength after becoming comfortable with bodyweight exercises but aren't ready to move up. Plus, resistance band programs can be much more portable than dumbbells, so you don't need access to the gym. Instaskincare will show you that!

Exercises With Resistance Band

Resistance bands are great for keeping your muscles guessing since there are so many different workouts you can do. But one thing that makes them even better is how they come in various sizes and shapes! One type would be a single band with handles on either end - typically used for moves like bicep curls or triceps extensions but some people also use it while doing leg raises (or overhead presses).

It is a small, thick looped band typically used on the lower body in exercises like clamshells or to level up squats. The resistance workout below uses both.


Place the resistance band around your shoulders and push back with heels elevated. As you feel the tension in all parts of the body, bend knees at 90 degrees for squatting motion to come into play.

Biceps Curls

The bicep curls are a great way to work your arms. Stand on the band, hold one handle in each hand with arms at shoulder- width and perform as you would an exercise that uses weights. By curling them up towards yourself until they touch, then slowly brought back down again while stepping out more expansive, so there's more resistance from the elasticity of this new tool.

Hip Thruster

Lie on your back and place one hand by each side of you. Bend knees with heels down toward the floor, so feet are in the optimal position for exercise; now squeeze glutes hard while slowly lifting off the ground until reaching desired height (just like sitting tall), then return to starting work- repeat these steps five times minimum.


To perfect the overhead press, you can use a barbell or band. Hold on tight and slowly hinge at your hips while bending forward with arms behind yourself to bring it back upright again before pressing up as if doing an extension exercise for chest muscles.

Band Pull-Apart

Stand with your feet together and place the band out in front of you. Slowly pull it away from yourself, push down on one shoulder blade at a time-squeeze those abs! Bring hands back to starting position.

Banded Thruster

Stand with the handlebars and place them under your feet. Hold onto them by the arm, or hold on tight, whichever you prefer! Bending at the knees will lower yourself into a squat-like position while pressing through both heels allows for balance stability in standing up straight again after completing these exercises, so it's essential to keep working hard throughout each rep. Squeeze those glutes tightly when doing this.


The best way to get the most out of your workout is by incorporating resistance bands. Resistance band exercises are a great addition to any routine, and they can be done anywhere! With just one set of resistance bands, you will have an entire arsenal of strength training workouts at your fingertips. There's no excuse for not giving them a try today from toning muscles in arms and legs to increase your core stability. If you need some help figuring out what kind or size may work best for you, we recommend consulting with a fitness expert first before purchasing anything online. We hope this blog helped give you some ideas on keeping up with those New Year resolutions!

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