How to Take Care of Hair When It's Cold

How to Take Care of Hair When It's Cold

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In the autumn, "molt" blame none other than the female hormone estrogen, or rather, a sharp decrease in its level in the blood. During this period, hair growth slows down, and they become too sensitive to external factors. Therefore, exposure to low temperatures, sharp gusts of autumn wind, tight hats "help" fall out already weakened curls, and Instaskincare will help you with the info on how to take care of hair when it's cold!

How to Stop Hair Loss?

No way. Yes, this is the harsh reality: after 4-6 weeks, the hair loss will subside by itself, of course, if internal diseases do not cause the failure of curls. However, you can neutralize exposure to harmful factors as much as possible and reduce hair loss as much as possible.

  • Hello hairdresser! The shorter the hair, the more it receives nutrients from the blood and the less susceptible to mechanical damage.
  • Not everything is functional that got into the mouth. Whatever our grandmothers say, not every product has nutritional value - vitamins and minerals necessary for beautiful hair. Remember proteins, fats, vitamins A, E, groups B, D3, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus - and essential set of "benefits" for the hair shaft and hair follicle. Therefore, do not forget to feast on fruits, vegetables, seafood, and lean meat dishes.
  • Calm, only calm! "A man in his prime" knew what he was talking about. Nervousness is a direct path to hair loss, so limit your stress. Indeed, this is easier said than done because we are not always able to control our emotions. But it is in your power to minimize stress: get rid of bad habits, create comfortable working conditions, normalize sleep, do yoga, avoid communicating with aggressive and scandalous people, drink soothing teas instead of coffee.
  • Cosmetics and cosmetics are different. Forget about harsh styling products, chemical dyes, and cheap shampoos containing SLS and SLES if you don't want to help your hair leave your head as soon as possible.

How to Take Care of Your Hair When It's Cold

  • Get rid of dead split ends. Do not worry about the tips' length having long looked like a washcloth and spoiling the overall picture. In addition, they pull on nutrients. It will not be superfluous to lubricate the ends with peach oil before washing to prevent the section.
  • Drink vitamins for your hair. With the end of the fruit season in autumn, food becomes relatively poor in vitamins and minerals, necessarily reflected in the hair and skin. If you do not have the opportunity to diversify your diet with foods high in vitamins A, C, groups B, E, and D, buy a particular complex at the pharmacy.
  • Moisturize scalp and hair. If you are the owner of curls of a desirable length, then you must have noticed that the oily sheen at the roots appears much faster. In the golden age, this injustice is especially pronounced because of hats and the wind. Therefore, in the fall, it is worth making different masks for hair and scalp. Flavor the hair shaft with oils and honey-based acts, and use chamomile extracts, aloe, herbal decoctions for the hair roots.
  • Refuse hot styling, at least for the period of cold weather. If you can't imagine life without an iron or curling iron, use thermal protection and choose appliances with a ceramic coating.
  • Massage your head. It is one of the must-have items in fall hair care. Are you surprised? The fact is that low temperatures and tight caps impede the blood supply to the scalp, which leads to inadequate root nutrition. Massage with an ordinary wooden brush will help activate blood circulation and improve the condition of the hair and relieve fatigue and headaches.


Autumn is a precious golden time, a time of changes and a search for a new self, when nothing should spoil your mood, especially hair problems. Our tips will help you avoid possible seasonal troubles and keep your curls healthy and beautiful.

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