How to Take Care of Curly Hair

How to Take Care of Curly Hair

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Some people may think that having curly hair is a pain in the neck. For these women, their Mane can sometimes feel like it's holding them back from achieving happiness and success with other aspects of life - such as finding love or landing an internship! But if you take time out for yourself every day (or even just once), then who knows what amazing things could happen?

The right tips, techniques, and products are the key to having a great hair day. Thankfully we've got just what you need! Read on for our guide on how to care for curly locks like yours with fine-toothed combs in tow.

Know Your Curl Type

Curl types have a lot in common with hair textures. They're all different, but there are some general rules you can use when caring for your curl type of choice- such as which products will work best and what ingredients should never make it onto the list due to their potential damage to our precious locks.

What's your curl type? Whether you have kinks, coils or waves depends on the texture of your hair. To find out which one suits best for curling and styling purposes without using products like gel or mousse-just wet it with water to figure things out naturally! When doing so, ask yourself these questions: How do I feel when my fingers run through strands after washing them (coils)? Which way does each strand turn under direct light (kinkier texture)? Once sorted into categories, view this chart from Instaskincare to determine what product is the right match between dryness level and desired result.

The curl pattern of your hair can reveal a lot about you. For example, if someone has 3a-3c curly corkscrew and C-formation, then they are typically tighter than others with different kinds such as 4a to 4c coils, which form the Z shape when laid flat on their palm for inspection."

A little known fact is that there are many factors why people have certain types of shapes in curls. It's important not just one thing because every person goes through changes throughout their lifetime, so it's always a good idea to check yourself before assuming anything.

How to Take Care of Curly Hair

Let's be honest: caring for curls can feel like a full-time job. So you deserve some well-earned rest, too! Restoring your natural oils with Instaskincare will preserve the health of your hair while it is in its most vulnerable state - without this treatment, "your curl will become dry stringy rather than shiny springy," says Olena from Instaskincare.

Olena says you can still condition and rinse with this method. But be sure to use cool-to-cold water since it contracts the hair strands, creating a buoyancy that's perfect for straightening.

Avoid Overheating

Do you know what the best way to get rid of frizz is? It's taking a break from heat and humidity whenever possible. This lazy-girl hack by Olena will help with that! She says crack open your windows, let the wind in through them while driving or air out if its enclosed space (like at home) for non-frizzy volume that won't dry out curly hair like Terminal Swipe test subject RA "donut hole."

Silicon Free Products is a Must

You probably weren't too concerned about the ingredient list on your shampoo bottle as you grew up, but now that you're an adult with more knowledge of what's best for your curls? You've heard some scary stuff. Namely sulfate and silicone! Both are bad news - don't use them at all (or rarely).

Don't Comb Your Hair

Curly hair is delicate and can be challenging to manage. Not only does it break easily, but when you brush dry curly locks of your own or someone else's, their frizzy Mane becomes like a lion's Mane due in part to being wet all day long! The best way around this problem? You can only brush while showering so as not to aggravate the situation even more than necessary by agitating already tangled tresses through manual strokes with bristles running into each other. It is causing pain plus additional damage, such as breaking off dead ends at their roots.

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At the end of this blog post, you should better understand how to take care of your curly hair. You can use these tips or go back and read through again if need be! Remember not to judge other people for their hair type because everyone is different in their way. If you want more information about taking care of other types of curls, check out our other articles on the subject. We hope that this article helped answer some questions about managing your curly Mane; feel free to comment below with any thoughts or feedback.

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