How to Do Arm Workouts At Home

How to Do Arm Workouts At Home

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Doing arm workouts at home is a great way to stay fit and healthy without needing to step foot into the gym. The key to doing these exercises is following proper form. With no equipment necessary, you can do multiple arm workout routines at home, complete with pictures for help on how each exercise should look.

Strong arms are essential for sports and daily life. Regular training of this muscle group helps to make it easier to do physical work. You can conduct classes on your own and with a minimum set of sports equipment. The main thing is to choose hand exercises at home before starting workouts, which are suitable for training.

  • Zone
  • The exercise
  • Biceps
  • Lifting dumbbells in a rack
  • Pull-ups
  • Hammer
  • Triceps
  • Seated press
  • Pullover
  • Push-ups with narrow arms
  • Forearms
  • Seated wrist curl

How to prepare for class

Hand training program for men at home

To pump up your arms at home and avoid injury, you need to prepare for classes properly. It is vital to warm up before exercising arm workouts. The complex should include basic hand exercises at home:

  • swings;
  • shoulder rotation;
  • alternate hand rotations;
  • lifts of hands;
  • rotation of the wrists.

The warm-up can be done in 10-15 minutes; this will be enough.

Beginners can train without equipment, but for more effective weight loss in this area and muscle development, it is worth preparing additional equipment, dumbbells, and elastic bands for fitness. The weight of the weights should be selected depending on the level of training.

How to do arm workouts training will take place at home depending on the gender of the athlete and his goals. However, some exercises are suitable for pumping muscles for both men and women.

Effective hand exercises

It is worth starting to swing your arms from the primary complex to prevent injuries and prepare for heavier loads. These exercises are versatile; beginners can do them with their weight.


Exercising will increase strength and tighten sagging hand skin. Stand in the bar, rest your socks on the floor, tighten your stomach. Bend your arms slowly until your ribcage is 3–5 cm from the surface. Return to the starting point.

To complicate the workout, it is worth reducing the area of ​​support and moving on to doing push-ups on the fists or doing the exercise on one arm.

Push-ups for girls

Push-ups are more difficult for women, so you should start with a kneeling stand. Place your palms wider than your shoulders while bending your elbows, bring your chest as close to the floor as possible. Such push-ups are not suitable for drying and pumping muscles. However, they will strengthen the arms and lateral parts of the pectoral muscles and move on to more complex variations of this exercise.

Flexion of the arms with an elastic band

Exercise allows you to pump up your biceps. Taking the elastic in your hands, stand on it with your foot. Bend your elbows and press them against your torso. Start lifting the elastic and lowering it until it reaches full tension.

Bent over row

The deadlift works the triceps and upper body. Take the weights in your hands, set your legs wider than your shoulders, and bend them slightly. Lower your back, trying to avoid slouching. Raise and lower the dumbbells by flexing and extending the elbows.


Doing the hammer exercise

Stand up straight with dumbbells in your hands. Begin to bend your elbow as you exhale, focusing on your bicep. Lock the top position for two counts and slowly lower the inventory while inhaling. Do the exercise alternately for both hands.


How often should you do your arm exercises at home?
If you want to pump these particular muscles, you should allocate three workouts per week for them for up to 50 minutes.

What is the optimal weight for weights?
It is better to take dumbbells with which you can perform up to 10 repetitions without a break.

What sport strengthens the arms?
You can strengthen your arms and lose weight by doing hand-to-hand combat and boxing.

How to replace a bench at home?
At home, instead of a bench, a chair or stool will do.

What is the main mistake when training hands?
Using large weights. Doing this at home with your arms can lead to limb weakening or injury.

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