Why Collagen Powder Can Help You Digest Worst Foods

Why Collagen Powder Can Help You Digest Worst Foods

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Foods with a high glycemic index create a sugar explosion in the body, to neutralize which the body produces a lot of insulin. And this isn't good for the skin, but collagen powder can help you with that. When you spike your blood sugar, glucose that is not filtered by the liver can enter your collagen, which the body then identifies as a damaged compound and destroys. It leads to premature aging and can also cause inflammation, which leads to small pimples that usually appear in clusters on the skin. Incredibly often, they can be seen on the cheeks.

We will talk about the products that are bad for your skin!

Dairy Products

Dairy is controversial, but it is often listed as harmful to the skin. True, scientists believe that there is still not enough data to talk about the dangers of dairy products accurately. So far, research shows a correlation between dairy and acne, but not all. If you have given up the use of yogurts, cream, and milk with added sugar and noticed that the acne is gone, you most likely should not eat these products. Cheese does not harm the skin, nor does plain yogurt. It is best to look for "milk" made: a) without added sugar and b) from cows that have not been treated with hormones.


Another culprit is skin dehydration. And dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, after a couple of glasses of champagne at night, in the morning you will not only want to drink all the water in the house, but you will also look not your best. The skin will become drier, dull, almost gray; wrinkles will become a little deeper. So, no matter how much you drink, take off your makeup and be sure to apply a good moisturizer. And in the morning - patches under the eyes and a mask.


If you can't wake up without coffee, then at least drink another cup of water after your espresso. Coffee acts as a diuretic, and it won't make your skin beautiful, that's for sure. Our skin cells are made of water, and when they shrink, you lose radiance, firmness, and smoothness. It means that fine expression lines will be more noticeable. But as long as you drink this glass of water after a cup of coffee, you will only get the benefits of caffeine. The polyphenols in coffee can prolong skin youthfulness in the long term. The International Journal of Dermatology study found that women who drank about three cups a day had minor age spots and wrinkles.


The skin is an organ that can be affected by many factors, including genetics and the environment. Regularly maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, exercise, and proper hydration will help promote clear skin. When it comes to your skincare routine, avoid the products mentioned in this article at all costs! Adults should also get plenty of sleep and collagen powder every night since lack of adequate shut-eye has been shown to cause acne breakouts. Lastly, keep stress levels low – this too may contribute to unhealthy-looking skin over time. What are some other tips for keeping your complexion glowing? Let us know below!

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