Top Products to Boost Your Immune System

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For those interested in boosting your immune system, here's a list of the top products to do just that. These are items that I use and find to be most beneficial for my health. The first product is an immunity-boosting tea blend made with organic herbs like ginger root, nettles leaf, ginseng root, licorice root, and cinnamon bark. Another great item I use daily is coconut oil because it supports healthy thyroid function, which in turn boosts your immune system. Instaskincare will show you what else can boost your immune system. 

Vitamin D

Even before the era of antibiotics, vitamin D was used for tuberculosis treatment. Modern studies have revealed the mechanisms and the most critical stages of the antimycobacterial immune response by participating in the active form of vitamin D - 1.25, which enhances the antimicrobial effect of macrophages and monocytes.

In cells of more than 30 body tissues and most immune system cells, receptors for vitamin D are found. Antimicrobial peptides can integrate into the membrane of microbial cells, disrupt their integrity, and penetrate the cytoplasm, and bind to DNA and RNA, which ultimately leads to cell death.

It is known that vitamin D deficiency is an essential factor in increasing the levels of proinflammatory cytokines, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the immune response. The participation of 1,25 in regulating natural T-killers and T-cytotoxic lymphocytes contributes to maintaining an average cytokine balance, which is very important for the prevention of autoimmune disorders and increase in resistance to pathogens of infectious diseases. In addition, 1,25 is an active modulator of the T-helper phenotype.

Also, vitamin D is involved in the differentiation of monocytes and lymphocytes to their mature forms, maintaining the activation of T cells and optimizing the antigen-presenting function of macrophages, and has a direct and indirect effect on B-lymphocytes.


The effectiveness of using Bacillus coagulans to prevent infectious diseases has been proven in several clinical studies. In particular, the immunostimulatory effect of Bacillus coagulant has been studied in individuals exposed to several respiratory pathogens. It has been shown that taking a probiotic effectively stimulates T-cell immunity in adenovirus and influenza infections. An exciting study of Bacillus coagulant was conducted in patients with HIV infection. It turned out that, against the background of adequate antiretroviral therapy, the addition of a probiotic made it possible to effectively suppress residual inflammation in the intestine while maintaining suppression of the virus. It has been proven that the drug Lactovit Forte has a favorable safety profile, patients well tolerate it, side effects are rarely noted.

The combination of Bacillus with vitamins B9 and B12 in Lactovit Forte expands the clinical possibilities of using this probiotic microorganism, which justifies its choice not only in microflora imbalance due to antibiotic therapy, intestinal infections but also in case of concomitant somatic pathology complicated by dysbiosis.


People have known about the benefits of fish oil for a long time. Since the middle of the last century, children have been given fish oil to prevent rickets. It was noticed that such babies proliferate and get sick less often. Then, in the 70s, research was carried out on the health of the peoples of Greenland, whose diet consists mainly of fatty fish. The discovery amazed everyone: the aborigines practically did not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, did not have atherosclerosis, and until old age, they maintained normal pressure and pulse.

But Omega-3 acids, which are extremely important for health, attracted extreme attention from scientists only at the end of the 20th century. Consequently, this invaluable component of fish oil affects the entire body. Let's take a closer look at what omega 3 is good for.


To have strong immunity, you must constantly adhere to a healthy lifestyle and follow preventive measures. So, high doses of "immune-strengthening" products, including ginger, garlic, and lemon, will not help build a robust body defense. To do this, you must observe proper nutrition, as well as engage in physical activity. To strengthen immunity from infections, the doctor advised being outdoors more often and walking, playing sports, and giving up fast food.

Ginger Root Extract

Ginger is beneficial for women - due to its constant use in food, the fairer sex removes toxins from the body much more actively, which is very important during pregnancy, improves complexion and skin structure. The beneficial properties of ginger are manifested in various diseases. If you regularly take ginger tea half an hour before meals to increase immunity, then you can get rid of extra pounds without much effort in a few months. I think that no one will deny its benefits. It is also proven that ginger is a powerful enough natural aphrodisiac that helps women get rid of frigidity. Here it is so helpful for all occasions.

Wrap Up

The best way to stay healthy is by boosting your immune system, and the easiest way to do that is with a daily regimen of intake. Instaskincare offers an array of supplements for sale online, so you can find one that suits your needs. Whether it's immunity support or better concentration, we have what you need. Get yours now!

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