Skincare: Basic Everyday Tips

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Skincare is not something that you can neglect. If you want to have healthy, supple skin, it's essential to take care of it. There are many different skincare products out there, and they all work differently for other people. However, what they all have in common is the need for a basic routine! Instaskincare will cover some of those basics and provide an example routine so that no matter where you're at with your skin, you'll be able to find something helpful here.

Choose Special Care For the Skin Around the Eyes

The skin around the eyes is thinner, more sensitive, and practically devoid of the natural protection of the epidermis - the sebaceous glands. For this reason, caring for it should be specialized, taking into account the unique needs of the eyelids.

Some brands have hypoallergenic care products for these areas and have been tested by ophthalmologists. It is recommended to apply them with your fingertips slightly indented from the lash line in the morning and evening after your primary treatment.

Hydration is Crucial

This need always comes first: just as the human body needs water more than food, so our skin needs more moisture than, for example, anti-aging assets. Lack of humidity in skincare leads to dehydration, provoking dullness, early wrinkles, increased sebum formation, flaking, and reduced resistance to daily external influences.

No matter how great our desire to limit ourselves to one bottle with a high content of assets, such a strategy does not always give noticeable results. When combined, base creams and concentrated serums work better for optimal facial skincare. Ideally, it would help if you took a serum and cream from the same range - their formulations work harmoniously and effectively.

Anti-age Care?

Passport age has little to say about your skin. Focus on your reflection in the mirror, the needs of your skin, and your feelings.

How to properly care for your face every day, day after day?

We present an excellent step-by-step facial skincare recommended by cosmetologists.

  • Cleansing. Proper facial treatment starts with removing makeup and washing your face. Be guided by your feelings: sometimes women with dehydrated skin prefer cleansing with water and soft foam, while women with oily skin may well choose anhydrous purification if it suits them better.
  • Toning. After washing your face, dry your face with a clean towel or tissue, then use a cotton pad to apply the toner. Step-by-step facial skincare includes toning to enhance the effect of subsequent care and restore the acid-base balance, disturbed by hard tap water with an alkaline pH.
  • Serum. Now it's time to work on the assets. Apply the serum with light massage movements, mindful of the neck and earlobes. Allow the product to be completely absorbed before the next step.
  • Basic care. Essential facial skincare is light or nourishing creams, as well as fluids and emulsions. Spread the day and night products over the skin without stretching them. Recall that some essential treatments include substances that can increase the photosensitivity of the skin. For this reason, they are only used at bedtime.
  • Eye contour care. Apply creams and serums to the skin around the eyes with patting movements, moving along the lower eyelid from the outer corner to the inner corner and along the upper, motionless eyelid in the opposite direction.
  • Sun protection. It completes the evening care. After the night cream, wait at least 30 minutes and go to bed. And the morning beauty routine continues: just before leaving the house, it's time for sunscreen - with a high (50) SPF on vacation and moderate in urban conditions. Apply it all over your face and neck without rubbing it into your skin.

Final Thoughts

Skincare is an essential part of any woman's daily routine. It not only helps us to look great but also feel greater! By taking care of our skin from day one, we can avoid wrinkles and keep our skin looking younger for longer. With the right products and a little time each night before bed, you too can experience the benefits that skincare has to offer. Spend some time with your favorite moisturizer today, and don't forget about sunscreen in the summer months!

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