Skin Purging: What is It And What to Do When It Happens

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For many women, skin purging is a common phenomenon that usually happens when starting a new skincare regimen. It means that their skin will go through some changes as it adjusts to the latest products and tries to get used to them. While this may be frustrating for some people, there are steps you can take to minimize any discomfort or irritation. Read on for more information about what skin purging from Instaskincare is and how you can help your skin adjust!

What Is Skin Purging?

The so-called cosmetic fasting in the beauty industry began to talk relatively recently. The concept is simple: you give your skin a break from the usual beauty rituals, and it thanks you generously for it. It is believed that avoiding your favorite skincare and makeup products for a while can significantly improve the condition of the skin.

There are many theories about skin-fasting, and the most popular of them is that such a restriction in skincare can be a kind of detoxification procedure. Without moisturizers, lifting products, and other beauty "elixirs," your skin has no choice but to use its resources and support itself on its own. Some experts believe that this is only good for her, makes her stronger and healthier. What if this is true and what is not - we understand our material.

Acne and Skin Purging

Since skin-fasting implies a complete rejection of the help of cosmetology, anti-acne products - benzoyl peroxide, cleaning products, salicylic acid also fall under the restriction. If you forget about them for a long time, skin problems cannot be avoided. To think that the skin will tune in to fight the disease on its own and find hidden reserves to defeat it is a considerable risk. As far as it is justified, science is still silent.

There are several situations where cosmetic fasting can have a beneficial effect on skin conditions. For example, if you are faced with an adverse reaction to a new product or a combination of several cosmetic products. Then you need to give up skincare for a short time and observe its behavior to identify the exact cause of irritation. But this is just a preventive measure, not a full-fledged procedure.

Do I Need Skin Fasting While My Skin Is Purging?

Suppose you are lucky and your beauty arsenal has a full-fledged skincare system. In that case, it makes sense to switch to cosmetological fasting only in one case - if you are tired of this system, and cosmetics, in general, have begun to annoy you. Then it would be best if you tried to unload your soul and skin for a while.

In general, the skin never forgets how and what it should produce in certain situations. That is why there is no reason to worry that she will become lazy due to the abundance of cosmetics and stop performing her essential functions. But giving up some of the care products can be disastrous. For example, sunscreens are our everything in the summer season. From what, and them, the skin is not worth a rest.

Is Skin Purging Healthy? 

It all depends on how long the toxins have been accumulating and for what reason. For example, if a series of parties led to intoxication, it would be pretty simple to cleanse the skin cells. But if the reason lies in the failure of any of the body systems, severe treatment will be required. After all, until the internal problem is eliminated, the skin cannot be put in order.

Before detoxification, be sure to consult with a specialist. A dermatologist, having looked at the condition of the skin, its color, and the nature of the rash, will determine the cause of intoxication. If the matter is in the malfunction of one of the body systems, he will refer to the appropriate doctor. If everything is fixable with the help of cosmetics, then a specialist will help you choose what will work most effectively on your skin.


You may have heard of skin purging, but do you know what it is? Skin purging occurs when your body begins expelling toxins and impurities from your pores. It can happen to anyone, regardless of age or gender, due to environmental factors such as pollution or even something like jet lag. The good news is that this process happens naturally in the human body and usually means that there are no severe health problems at play (though if you notice any other symptoms along with the increased breakouts, it's recommended you consult a doctor). We recommend taking care while undergoing skin purging by adding vitamins and minerals into your diet, which will help support these processes internally.

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