Looking Great and Feeling Greater: How I Do That at 50

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We all want to look fabulous no matter how old we are: at 13, 35, or 50 we want to have healthy skin, shiny hair and smile on the face. Achieving it might seem impossible, especially when getting old, but Instaskincare has prepared for you the essential tips on how to look great and feel greater at 50. Let's go!

Skincare Routine

Certain hormonal changes in women occur around the age of 50. Menopause sets in, so the production of the hormone estrogen decreases. It affects the skin – it becomes drier, thinner, and more fragile as the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases. The oval of the face becomes less distinct, wrinkles and crow's feet appear, and the skin elasticity decreases. There are several basic rules for self-care after 50 years.

Clean, Moisturize and Nourish Skin

You should cleanse your skin twice a day – morning and evening. Then moisturize and nourish the skin. Because the skin after 50 years becomes thinner and more fragile, you need to choose cosmetics carefully. The products should additionally nourish the skin. Creams with denser textures saturated with oils, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins are suitable.

It would help if you familiarized yourself with the ingredients on the packaging to ensure you are not allergic before using these products. It would help if you used a cream with a lifting effect or wrinkle correction. It is needed to enhance the impact of skincare and applied under the cream once or twice a day. Remember: everything we put on the face should be used along the massage lines not to stretch the skin.

Neck and Face

Regular grooming is essential for all areas, with some areas requiring more attention after age 50. Purse-string wrinkles usually form around the lips. Therefore, additional nutrition is needed in this area, and here you should also use products with high hyaluronic acid content. Apply the product with patting movements, being careful not to stretch the skin. You need to use products with a denser nourishing texture for the skin around the eyes. You can do additional intensive care – apply patches and masks.

All eye care products should be applied with light patting movements from temple to nose along the lower eyelid and from nose to temple along the upper eyelid. Place the patches gently under the eyes without stretching the skin.

Always Use SPF

In addition to all the tips, there are two more essential rules. Don't leave your home without SPF 50+ and use anti-age spots. After 50 years, the likelihood of developing age spots increases. At any time of the year, it is necessary to use care products that contain SPF 50+ to prevent this from happening.

Hydration and Diet

Women are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and bone and joint problems are common. Our focus should be on foods high in calcium since the body can no longer store this mineral. The need for protein decreases, so it is worth limiting the consumption of red meats to 1-2 times a week and giving preference to foods high in vegetable protein (legumes and cereals) and vegetables. Do not forget that foods rich in Omega 3-6-9 - fish and oils will help reduce blood cholesterol and minimize the risk of vascular diseases.


Water is the primary friend. It is better to replace other drinks with it – the more water you consume during the day, the better! However, before and after a meal, it is better to count 30 minutes – and stick to the interval when drinking water. Complexes of vitamins are an excellent addition to the diet. They will help you feel healthier. Fasting – a strict "no!" No matter how much you want to lose weight, you cannot deprive yourself of good nutrition, moreover, in such a difficult period of life.

The ideal food option is fractional food intake. That is, frequent, but in small portions of about 300-350 g. Then there will be no starvation and no overeating either. It is handy to season food with flax seeds. They contain phytoestrogen, which serves as an excellent substitute for female hormones. It would be best to pamper yourself with fresh fish from time to time—for example, mackerel, herring, sardines. The beneficial substances contained in it help to strengthen blood vessels, which is extremely useful with menopause. This product helps to eliminate cholesterol.

Wrap Up

Feeling great and looking greater is possible at 50, 70, and more. The most important thing about the result is that you have to be healthy and happy. There is no beauty without health, so first of all, think about that!

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