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Memorial day is the time that we share with our families. We cook food in the backyard, make cocktails and celebrate the day. Every year the question of "what to cook for Memorial Day?" arises. Instaskincare shares with you top recipes that you can apply to your menu on May 31.

Grill, Grill, and Grill

Chicken and Cheese Sandwiches

The press grill can be used to make crispy breakfast sandwiches. Chicken, cheese, and basil go well in these sandwiches.

  • Boiled chicken fillet (torn in pieces) - 2 cups;
  • Mozzarella cheese (cut into thin slices) - 1 bag;
  • Parmesan cheese (shredded on a grater) - a handful;
  • Marinara sauce - 1/3 cup;
  • Bread - 8 slices;
  • Fresh basil - 16 leaves;
  • Vegetable oil.

Switch on the press grill to preheat. Brush 4 slices of bread with marinara sauce, top with basil leaves, chicken, and cheeses, cover with the remaining slices of bread. Grease the sandwiches on both sides with vegetable oil and place on a preheated grill, cover, cook the sandwiches with cheese and chicken for about 2-3 minutes until the cheese melts. Cut the finished cheese and chicken sandwiches in half and serve immediately.

Grilled Vegetables (Vegan)

Grilled vegetables cook so quickly that you won't have time to substitute plates when removing them. According to this recipe, the vegetable dish is low-calorie and healthy because all vitamins are stored in it.

  • Food (for 2 servings);
  • Zucchini - 1 pc;
  • Eggplant - 1-2 pcs;
  • Tomato - 1-2 pcs;
  • Corn (boiled) - 1-2 pcs;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc;
  • Onions - optional;
  • Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Salt to taste.

You know how to cook grilled vegetables, right? Make a marinade, dip the vegetables in it, and grill about 15-20 minutes from one side. Serve with sources.

Grilled Burgers

In this recipe, I'll show you how to make a hit at any American grill party. It's a burger, of course! The burger recipe I've demonstrated is one of the simplest. That being said, the burger you get will be a cut above what you can buy at most fast foods!

  • Food (for 6 servings);
  • Burger buns - 6 pcs;
  • Beef (neck) - 1 lb;
  • Salad onions - 3 pcs;
  • Tomatoes - 3 pcs;
  • Pickled cucumbers - 4 pcs;
  • Burger cheese - 12 slices;
  • Ketchup - 0.4 lb;
  • Mayonnaise - 0.4 lb;
  • Worcestershire sauce - 1 tbsp the spoon;
  • Lettuce leaves - 6 pcs;
  • Ground black pepper - to taste.

The grilled burgers are perfect for the family party: it is easy to eat by kids and older people. Serve these burgers with mayo or ketchup for a better taste.

Memorial Day Cocktails

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise is one of the most popular alcoholic cocktails that came to us from the USA. The drink got its romantic name because of the unique color combination of mixing blackcurrant juice and pomegranate liqueur: dark red and purple shades are very reminiscent of the Sun gently rising over the horizon. This cocktail became especially famous in the 70s and 80s.


  • tequila, 
  • orange juice, 
  • pomegranate syrup, 
  • orange, 
  • ice cubes.

How to cook:

Take a tall glass and fill it with ice cubes; after that, you can add 50 ml of tequila to it. Pour in 150 ml of orange juice, and add 2 teaspoons of pomegranate syrup. Garnish with orange slices.


According to legend, mojito, one of the most popular cocktails of all times and peoples, was invented by the pirates of Francis Drake. It is known that they were the first to mix rum, mint, and lime to strengthen the immune system and smooth out the taste of low-quality rum. The recipe was officially registered in 1931 in Cuba, in a small bar called Sloppy Joe's.

  • Rum;
  • Lime;
  • Mint;
  • Sugar;
  • Mineral soda;
  • Ice cubes.

Mix 6 sprigs of mint and 2 teaspoons of sugar, and gently crush—place ice cubes on top.

Pour in 40 ml of light rum, 150 ml of soda water, and 3 teaspoons of lime juice. Stir all ingredients. You can make the cocktail to be non-alcoholic and alcoholic. Just add or omit rum! That's very cool because everyone can try it.

Blue Lagoon

An original cocktail will dilute the list of drinks from traditional mojitos and daiquiris - "Blue Lagoon". According to legend, it was invented by Paul Gauguin. In Tahiti, the artist missed absinthe very much and came up with a similar version of the island's ingredients. 

  • Vodka;
  • Blue Curacao liqueur;
  • Lemonade;
  • Lemon;
  • Ice cubes.

Add ice cubes to a tall glass. Add 40 ml of vodka, 30 ml of liquor, and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Pour lemonade over all ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Bottom Line

Cooking for Memorial Day is a fun way to spend time with your friends and family. Choose the dishes you like the most, prepare some cocktails, chat, and grill in your backyard. What can be better than this?

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