How to Hydrate Your Skin in Summer

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In summer, the skin especially needs moisture: it dries and ages under the influence of dry, hot air, ultraviolet sun rays, in air-conditioned rooms, during flights, due to salty seawater. Instaskincare will share with you how to hydrate the skin correctly during summer.

Don't Neglect Drinking Regime

Every day you need to drink from one to two liters of pure water—intake one or two glasses of water in the morning on an empty stomach. The main rule is that in half a day, until three o'clock, the total daily rate is drunk. If you are prone to swelling, do not drink water at all four hours before bedtime; if not, a glass before bed will not hurt. Some people are afraid to drink because of edema. If you don't drink enough water, the swelling will only intensify: the body compensatory retains moisture when there is a lack of fluid. But you need to drink water correctly. Desirable - on an empty stomach. It will speed up metabolism, improve tissue nutrition. In addition, cut back on salty, smoked, alcohol, coffee - all this draws water out of the body.

Moisturize According to Your Skin Type

In the morning – it is moisturizing. In the evening – it is nourishing. Once every two to three days, we apply an intensive serum to moisturize the skin. You have to choose the right sunscreen, which is used not only on vacation but daily, so that the sun's rays do not damage the function of the cell, as a result of which it will not attract water well. Use sunscreen SPF 30-50 and hyaluronic acid for your daily skincare routine.

Wash Your Face Correctly

That's right – you have to take into account the type of skin. There is a hydro-lipid layer on the skin, and if it is washed off regularly, the skin will dry out, and even more, fat will be produced compensatory. It would help if you washed with non-alkaline agents because the alkali flows off the mentioned layer thoroughly. It is categorically impossible to pass until the skin squeaks, especially if it is dry. The cleanser should be either pH neutral or acidic for oily skin. Bacteria multiply in an alkaline environment, and if there is inflammation or acne, you need a wash with acid pH. After washing, you need to use a tonic - it restores the skin's pH and removes harmful water radicals. And only then can you apply the cream.


Especially if we are in the sun all day, additionally, you can moisturize your skin with thermal water, moisturizing wipes. Still, it would help if you reapplied the sunscreen each hour to protect your skin.

Do Not Use Scrub

We can use a face and body scrub no more than once every three to four weeks, injuring the epidermis. A good alternative for maximum skin cleansing is a sponge. It can be used two times a week.


Hot summer days challenge our skin and require more attention than ever, as it is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Factors such as dust, heat, and dry wind adversely affect even normal skin, and makeup loves to float in the heat. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to properly moisturize your skin in the summer so that it remains supple, moisturized, and soft.

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