How to Figure Out If You Really Need Collagen Peptides

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Collagen peptides are often touted as the next best thing for beauty and health. But do they work? And if so, what is the science behind them? In this blog post, we'll take a look at collagen peptides and how they work to improve your skin's elasticity.

The truth about collagen is that it can be found in many foods you eat every day, such as fish or meat. However, supplements like collagen peptides available on the market today offer more concentrated doses of this protein supplement. These types of accessories have been shown to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity in your skin and hair, increase nail strength and promote healthy teeth enamel - to name a few benefits!

What Are Collagen Peptides?

Peptides are natural or synthetic compounds, which consist of amino acid residues linked by peptide bonds. In living cells, peptides are synthesized from amino acids or formed during the breakdown of proteins. At their core, peptides are short chains of proteins. Many natural biologically active peptides are currently obtained by chemical synthesis.

Peptides differ from proteins in size and generally contain less than 50 monomeric units. The shortest peptides are dipeptides, consisting of two amino acids and connected by one peptide bond. Peptides containing up to 10 amino acid residues are called oligopeptides, containing more than ten amino acid residues - polypeptides. Peptides can also have a non-amino acid component in the molecule.

Why Do You Need Them


Some research suggests that collagen supplementation can reduce osteoarthritis pain and increase bone density in osteoporosis. For example, in an experiment comparing the effect of type II collagen with the results of glucosamine and chondroitin (components of the synovial fluid inside the joints, used in supplements to treat them), the former was better at reducing pain in the knee joints and improving their functionality. In addition, long-term (6 months) intake of hydrolyzed collagen can also give positive results.

Healthy Skin

Collagen is often taken to slow the visible signs of aging - maintain skin firmness, reduce wrinkles, and maintain healthy hair and nails. Research is careful to support these expectations. For example, small placebo-controlled trials have shown that taking hydrolyzed collagen daily for 2–3 months increases skin elasticity and reduces wrinkle depth.


Collagen accounts for 1 to 10% of the lean mass of the muscle. Starting from middle age, a person loses muscle mass every year. There are indications that this process can be slowed down by taking collagen. In one study, older men with sarcopenia (muscle atrophy) were significantly more effective at gaining muscle mass when supplemented with collagen peptides in addition to training.

How to Take Collagen Peptides

Most often in studies, the dosage of hydrolyzed collagen varies from 2.5 to 10-12 g per day, a little less often - up to 15 g. Protein intake within these limits is considered safe and does not have serious side effects if a person is not allergic to the source protein. Taking more than 20 g per day can cause harm, although some manufacturers offer dosage of up to 30 g. When it comes to UC-II, the allowable dose is much lower: 20 - 40 mg. It should be remembered that the safety of collagen supplements has not been tested in pregnant or lactating women, children, or people with a variety of conditions not mentioned above.

You can take collagen both with food and at other times; you do not need to split the daily dose into several. The additive powder for dissolution in liquid, ready-made drink, capsules - does not matter. According to studies, statistically significant results appear on average after 3-6 months of admission.


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