How to Deal With Sleep Deprivation

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As scientists have long proved, it is impossible to cope with a lack of sleep over the weekend. In addition, we often postpone things on weekends that we did not manage to do during the working week. And if the lack of night sleep within 24 hours can still be compensated for, then the weekly rate cannot. That is, it is practically impossible to make up for a missed dream. So dreams about getting a night of good sleep are still dreams. By the way, in this regard, a person is the most resilient creature - animals, deprived of the prescribed number of hours of sleep, die. So, why is lack of sleep harmful and even dangerous for your body, and most importantly, how to deal with this seemingly insignificant problem?

Sometime before you go to bed, slightly turn down the light, leave several nightlights on in the room instead of a large chandelier (Europeans, by the way, generally avoid using bright lighting fixtures.) It makes it less bright - this will tune the body to a calm state that will help you quickly and painlessly plunge into healthy sleep. If you are a music lover, a soft, pleasant melody will help. The main thing is that there is no TV, especially with the evening news release, that certainly will not set you up for pleasant dreams.

Doctors have repeatedly advised us to turn off all electrical appliances at night if possible, especially a computer, tablet, etc., while many of us sin by leaving our equipment in sleep mode, hoping that such a maneuver is no different from turning it off. The difference is enormous - even high-frequency sounds interfere with normal healthy sleep.

A healthy diet will also not interfere with your body, as, by the way, in the daytime. So we recommend eating at least three hours before bedtime. If this possibility is excluded, try to lighten your late dinner as much as possible. In the end, healthy eating has not hurt anyone; moreover, with such a diet, in a couple of months, you will notice significant improvements not only in sleep but also in your figure.

The choice of bed linen, pillows, blankets, and all other bedding is also essential - they must be selected individually. The right choice guarantees a healthy sleep and getting a charge of vigor in the morning.

With the cost of sleep deprivation on our health, relationships, and work performance, it’s time to take back the night. Here are some great tips for how you can deal with sleep deprivation in your life today. What other strategies have you used to improve your quality of sleep? Share them below so we all know what has worked for others!

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