A Few Ways to Feel Better Today

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For a stable inner state of happiness, you need to perform specific actions for three levels: body, emotions, and mind. You also need to understand that practice is not a panacea. If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, do not monitor your physical and emotional state, sleep and nutrition, do not develop, then these tips are unlikely to help you. If the situation is the opposite and you pay a lot of attention to your condition, you can significantly improve its quality by adding these practices to your life. Instaskincare will share with you how to be happy every day!

Acknowledge Your Emotions

A person has feelings and emotions. Their difference is that a sense is born within us from an impulse from the outside, and emotions arise when we create them with our thoughts: we wind ourselves up, invent or think out for other people. But they are not always accurate - it is much more important to immerse yourself in your feelings, identify them, and live what is happening in real life, not what you have invented for yourself.

In this case, a practice called "state diary" works great. Wake up and ask yourself: how do I feel now? How do I think? Anger, tension, anxiety? Comfort, relaxation, lightness? Then ask yourself: does what I think right now have to do with what is happening to me now, or is it about remembering the past or anticipating the future? Immerse yourself at the moment and see what and who is next to you, how it makes you feel. How can you improve your condition in the here and now? Write down all of your feelings for a few days. Even after a week of practice, you will understand what states prevail in your life and develop awareness.

Do Physical Exercises

Taking care of yourself means working on yourself at all levels: physical, emotional, mental. These are regular yoga practices and meditation and the opportunity to devote time to the closest people or be alone with yourself. My friends and family are separated by half of the world, and sometimes it can be challenging to keep in touch with them. Therefore, now it is more critical for me than ever to feel unity with loved ones - to be interested in their affairs and what is happening in their lives. Talking on the phone with your best friend, mom, or dad is the best way to start or end your day. When it comes to yoga, my favorite pose is Trikonasana, the inverted triangle pose. It is performed while standing - the legs should be wider than the shoulders, the feet should be parallel to each other. It is necessary to raise the arms extended to the sides to shoulder level, then bend to the side so that the right hand touches the floor next to the right leg, and the left arm is extended up. I love that this pose serves as an excellent exercise for stretching the whole body, but it is not too intense, so you can safely use it as a daily exercise.

Forget About Your Phone

Are you capable of leaving home without your phone? Unlikely. We believe that we must be in touch at any time. We are afraid to miss something. The phone reduces the level of anxiety and creates the illusion that everything is under control. To get started, try using your lunch break to go for a walk alone, leaving your phone on your desk. You don't have to be distracted by checking your mail. But you can finally notice a bench under the trees near the office or flowers in the flower beds.

Focus on these points, and give all your senses to this walk. Make it conscious and beautiful. Gradually, this will become a habit, and you can confidently give up your phone for a longer time and get used to feeling in the present moment.

Help the Others

Life is sometimes tricky and unfair, but we can all help each other in one way or another. It can be a kind word or a compliment to a friend, a smile in response to a stranger, a change from a supermarket given to a homeless person you see on the subway every day. Give love, and you will receive gratitude for it in all aspects of your life. In addition, acts of kindness allow you to feel happy and needed.

Wrap Up

Give your attention to the sensation of the breath, and when the mind wanders, be kind to yourself, gently let go of distractions and bring your attention back. Try to apply these practices and stay happy! It is very, very important – the ability to let go and come back without blaming or resentment.

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