5 Ways to Help Your Skin in Cold

Cold, winter, and dry air are the factors that influence your skin negatively. It doesn’t matter if you have a combined or any other skin type– without proper treatment, cold weather will make your skin flaky, irritated, and dehydrated.

There are thousands of ways to help your skin in cold weather. How to pick the right practices that will not only fit your skin type but improve its quality? Look through our full guide on how to help your skin in cold weather and not waste money on useless and pricey products. Let’s go!


Inside Out Care For Your Skin in Winter

Winter is the time when our bodies lack vitamins, minerals produced by the sun, and other supplements. Skin fading is the most common symptom of a deficient immune system. The quality of your skin is also an indicator of inner processes: speed of metabolism, blood quality. We will pick the most common weaknesses of the bodies in winter and determine the products that might help them.

  • Help your blood supply in winter. Winter is the time when our metabolism speed is weaker. That is why you need to boost that to get your skin in tonus.
  1. Drink more hot water with lemon;
  2. Get extra Vitamin D.

Hot water will boost your immune system and help to make lymph more liquid. Vitamin D decreases the risk of respiratory infections. It is so important when there are so many dangerous infections out there.

  • Help your connective tissue in winter. There is a risk of damaging our tissues in cold weather. That's why it's crucial to take care of the tissue, especially if you go to the gym.
  1. Get Instaskincare collagen peptides;
  2. Take Zinc.


Collagen peptides help your skin, bones, and connective tissue to be healthy and elastic. Zinc is the element that fights pathogens and helps your immune system fight viruses.

  • Eat proper food and stay hydrated. All of your systems need to get food full of vitamins, proteins, fats, and minerals.
  1. Add omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids;
  2. Eat enough antioxidants: green tea, avocados.

There are thousands of more products to help your skin and immune system to flourish. Add to your ration the products we talked about and see how your skin will change to the good. 


Outside Care For Your Skin in Winter

 The outside care for your skin is not less crucial than the inside one. Follow our simple tips on how to take care of your skin in cold weather and enjoy its health.

  • Muisturaze, muisturaze, muisturaze. Winter is the time when your skin is exposed to dry and cold air. Moreover, the wind does not improve the situation.
  1. Use Jojoba oil containing products to moisturize your body;
  2. Add aloe vera to your daily routine.

having a bubble bath

Using hand cream after the shower helps to moisturize your skin more effectively. Wear waterproof gloves while washing dishes and cleaning the house. It is important especially in cold times when the skin is sensitive and vulnerable to dry air.

  • Use sunscreen even if the day is not so sunny. Snow reflects the sun, and the reflection harms your skin, which can cause exposure. 
  1. Apply SPF30 sunscreen Dermatalogica for skin protection;
  2. Winter edition of the creams with UV protection can also work.

There are so many ways to protect your skin from dry and cold air from the wind. Fortunately, with the help of our tips, you will be able to improve your skin health in winter and make it healthy and glowing.


Bonus Tip on How to Take Care of the Skin in Winter


  1. Winter is a freezing time, and your body and skin have to be protected from the weather. Wear warm clothes and do not expose your skin to wind and sun (wear sunscreen);
  2. Never wear wet clothes in winter: your skin will get itchy and dry. Sweating under warm clothes is the number two reason for getting colds and skin issues.

Bottom Line


Your skin is a very sensitive and clear indicator of your immune system. The weather is always changing, and your skin as well: color, texture, and elasticity.

One thing that weather cannot change is your attitude to yourself. Always take care of your skin, be good to yourself, and your body will say thank you for your attention and care.